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Your new dental crown represents the most effective method for repairing or restoring a significantly compromised tooth. While it will not be susceptible to demineralization and tooth decay, you will still need to brush it twice each day and floss around it at least once each day like the rest of your natural teeth.


If residual sugars, plaque buildup, and food particles aren’t removed on a daily basis they could quickly start to harden into tartar where the dental crown meets the gumline. This could increase your chances of suffering from gum disease, or other oral health complications that could affect the abutment that anchors the dental crown in your mouth.  


Left unchecked this could gradually lead to a loss of bone structure in the area. This could cause a total failure of the abutment that anchors the dental crown in your mouth.


Your regularly scheduled dental checkups at David R Blackhurst DDS’s dental office is also very important for maintaining the health and integrity of your new dental crown. This basic appointment will clean away any traces of hardened tartar on your teeth while also helping to monitor the health of your gums.


If you are in the American Fork, Utah area and you have questions about how to best maintain your dental crown, you should call 801-756-7211 to speak to Dr. David Blackhurst or a member of his staff.