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Onlay dental fillings are often made from gold alloys or a special type of dental grade porcelain. They are used to treat large areas of tooth decay or dental fractures that compromise the biting surface of a tooth as well as another surface.

This type of dental filling is intended to be very durable to handle the excessive force of chewing and grinding food each day. However, the passage of time and poor oral hygiene could potentially start to weaken the bond between an onlay and the adjacent tooth enamel.

As a problem like this starts to develop, you might notice a change in the texture of the tooth’s biting surface, as well as worsening sensitivity. If there isn’t sufficient healthy tooth enamel surrounding the compromised inlay dental filling a dentist like Dr. David Blackhurst might recommend a dental crown restoration

The treatment strategy starts with him clearing away the remaining tooth enamel. This leaves behind the healthy core of dentin to act as an anchoring abutment for the eventual dental crown.

You will need to return to see Dr. David Blackhurst to have the dental crown cemented onto the structural abutment. This appointment consists of him cementing it onto the abutment with a special dental grade adhesive.

If you live in the American Fork, Utah, area and you have a distressed or sensitive dental filling, you should not delay in calling 801-756-7211 to have it treated.