Do You Know How Dental Crowns Are Made?

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Dental crowns are needed to withstand very tough eating, chewing, and grinding, so they are made to be very durable. When you receive a dental crown installation in our office here in American Fork, Utah, we will create an impression of your smile, but we don’t make the crown here in our office. To form the crown, we send an impression of your teeth to a workshop that specializes in dentistry where the crown is made and polished. Here are a few more insights into the process of making a dental crown.


The dental lab staff will form a mold of the tooth or teeth to be crowned, using the impression from our team. This mold will assist the dental lab team in seeing your tooth alignment, and they will use it to fashion a second impression that sustains the hot materials your dental crown will be made of.


The metal or porcelain is shaped in its molten form to fit on your teeth, heated at temperatures up to 2400 °F. Then the crown is heated for a longer period of time to ensure proper curing. After the crown has completely cooled, the lab team breaks open the covering impression and remove the crown to apply different finishing coats. WIth a final check of the crown, it’s then sent to our office for installation.


If you ever need to await for the arrival of your new dental crown, we want to let you know it sometimes takes time to ensure the quality and durability will last for years to come. For a dental crown placement or to schedule a regular exam and cleaning, please call 801-756-7211 in American Fork, Utah, today for a consultation or appointment. Dr. David Blackhurst and the staff at David R Blackhurst DDS will be happy to see you!