A Dental Implant Can Effectively Replace a Tooth Lost to an Untreated Cavity

If you are remiss to have a cavity treated, the bacterial tooth decay can start to compromise a significant amount of dental structure. When this happens the tooth can gradually deteriorate or suffer a severe fracture. If the tooth is severely compromised, or a large abscess of infection has formed within the gums, Dr. David Blackhurst might recommend extracting the... read more »

A Chipped Tooth Could Attract a New Cavity

Something as simple as grinding your teeth at night, or using your teeth to open a package can potentially chip one of your teeth. At the same time, athletes who forgo the use of a mouth guard during the necessary times are at increased risk of suffering multiple dental fractures. When this happens tiny food particles and plaque deposits can... read more »

What You Should Know About a Dental Emergency

If you’ve ever been in an emergency situation, you probably understand how stressful these situations can be. Sadly, dental emergencies are no exception—but if you understand how to deal with an emergency situation, the experience should go more smoothly. There are a number of emergencies you could face. For example, did you know that losing a tooth constitutes an emergency?... read more »

A Crown Is Often a Viable Treatment for a Large Cavity

When a cavity forms on a tooth, it can easily spread through the tooth enamel. This process can be accelerated if you struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene practices. In time, a cavity can become so large that it can't be repaired by a simple dental filling. For a tooth this severely affected, Dr. David Blackhurst might recommend treating the... read more »